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What is the date of Welcome to Wham Bam Edition?

Sunday Nov 24, noon-5pm

Pray tell, the location?

Welcome to Thornbury 520 High St, Northcote 3070.


Parking on High St, please check the signs! 

How do I get there?

Croxton Station (Stott St), South Morang Line

Tram to the City:
Corner of Dennis St/High St

Tram from the city:
Corner of Darebin Rd/High St

We recommend using Public Transport or a ride share service like Uber to arrive at Welcome to Thornbury.

How do I get home?

The same thing in reverse.

How do I purchase a ticket?

Moshtix Only. We had a Wham Bam Scam at our first event. Moshtix only (is there an echo in here?) Book here!

How much are tickets?

$29+bf (booking fee) for everyone under 18.

All adults are free with a ticket.

Will there be cash + card facilities available?

Of course.  

How can I stay safe?

All kids get their own Wham Bam lanyards on entry so we can identify them easily. Our staff, security guards and volunteers have all been briefed, should you need to talk to them about anything at all.

What if my kids gets lost? 

Any lost children can go to the DJ booth who will call their adults name out over the mic. All our DJs have Working With Children permits.

What if my kids do themselves a mischief?

Our Boo Boo Room (First Aid) is located at the toilets.

I hear there’s some gnarly flying bunyips at Wham Bam?

You mean the Drop Bears. Don’t worry, they’re soft and fluffy and just wanna hug you and your kids. ​

What food can we munch on?

Welcome to Thornbury host a range of Food trucks - stay tuned to see who'll be there!

What can we drink?

The finest of beer, wine, bourbon RTDs, vodka, gin and more.

Do kids get free kombucha?

You’ve done your research. All kids get Mojo Kombucha on arrival as part of their ticket.

What if I need a coffee?

Hot stuff coming through next door at Harry + Larry’s General Store.

I hear there’s kids yoga?

Well well wellness, you’re a smart cookie. Sprouts Yoga will run from 12.15-2.15pm in The Drawing Room in 15 minute sessions.

Can I park my pram?

Yes there’s valet pram parking.

Can I cloak my clothes?

Yes, there’s a Cloak and Swagger section, $5 an item.

Can I have some quiet time?

Yes, there’s a Shhhh..It’s Oh so Quiet room and also a Calm Your Farm area with lots of couches.

How do I know what’s happening?

We’ll have printed schedules up all through the venues. And we’ll be releasing it on all our socials plus a Moshtix email.

Is there a way I can challenge my friends and family in Feats of Strength?

Yes, the Boardgames and Bangers Room. You can show mental fortitude with a host of old school boardgames.

Are you guys on the socials?

Why, yes, tag us and get us here.  

Insta: @whambamthankufam + #whambamthankufam 

Will tickets be available at the gate on the day?

If you don't want to miss out on Wham Bam with your friends and fam, make sure you purchase your ticket online prior to the event. There maaay be limited tickets on the door.

What happens if I lose my ticket?

You will have an electronic ticket and an email as back-up. Do charge your phone, dear.          


What are the Event T&Cs?

You can find the current Event T&Cs here.  


Will Pass Outs be available on the day? 

Yes. If you choose to leave the at any point you can come back  in. All kids get lanyards.

When does Wham Bam open and close?

We open at 11.55am sharp and are all done by 5pm. 

Will the event go ahead no matter what?

Yes, barring a sinkhole opening up in postcode 3070. Wham Bam is an inside and outside event so you’ll feel cool and hot at the same time.

Can I go bare foot?

Sorry guys, shoe wear is necessary. Unless you’re a teeny tiny baby. 

What if I lose my s…tuff on the day?

Email and we’ll do our very best.

Can I bring my own food and water into the festival?

For the really little ones, sure thing.

Does Wham Bam have disabled access & facilities?

Yes, Wham Bam is accessible for disabled patrons, please note there are different surfaces on site.

Is it possible to work at Wham Bam?

We’re always up for a pitch. Get at us on

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