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A day party for kids, kidults and everyone in between. Wham Bam Thank You Fam an all ages event in the heart of Footscray (and now Thornbury!), a mini- festival in a laneway.

Sound familiar? That’s because Laneway Festival co-founder Jerome Borazio is teaming up with man about town Mikey Cahill (DJ Joey Lightbulb) to put on a fun disco for families, friends and anybody who likes a Sunday session.

Kids become superstar DJs with on-the-spot lessons, learn how to make their own Slice Girls pizzas, compare moves in the Fortnite dance zone, use textas on the walls in the drawing room aaaand there’ll be a surprise Unicorn appearance.

Grown-ups can carry on knowing their kids are safe a few metres away.

No helicopters permitted.

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wham bam thank you fam: at home!

DATE: sunday 29th march 2020

TIMES: 2pm - 4pm


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